Climate controlled Fermzilla Unitank.

How were we fermenting before the Fermzilla? At that moment we are using two SS brewtech buckets of 27L and two fridges which we modified to climate control chambers. If you want to find out how we build those, read it here! This works perfectly! After we had an amazing tasting with family and friends, a.k.a. the corona- proof- erij, we found out that all our craft beer was gone. This was weeks of work and it only provided our friends and family for one night! So we decided we had to scale up our fermentation capacity. How we scaled up to a Fermzilla with a self built climate control system! After doing some researsch we decided to start using the climate controlled [...]

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How to climate control fermentation for homebrewers

A Step-by-Step Guide To Climate Controlled Fermentation For Homebrewers Firstly, the most important part of brewing is about fermentation. Yeast is vulnerable for rapid temperature changes and can get stressed easily. Therefore, understanding your yeast is key to brewing great craftbeers at home. Follow this stepy by step guide to set up your climate controlled fermentation setup. In this blog you will find all the products you need for setting up your own climate controlled fermentation system at home! Looking for the products you need can sometimes be time consuming, that's why we did the job and we share it with you guys! Besides, this checklist tells you what you need and where to get it. After all this makes it easy to shop the products and you [...]


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