Why product reviews?

In this product review section we are sharing our experiences on homebrew products, tools or equipment we use during our homebrew adventures. For us the product reviews are a way of supporting other homebrewers to pursue their dream of crafting the best beers they can! Testing a product, writing our blogpost reviews and editing videos takes alot of our time. Our product reviews are indepentent and based on our own experiences using a product. This means that we are not connected to any seller or retailer to promote buying a certain product we reviewed. Sometimes we do make reviews on sponsored products and therefore we promote the product we used on our social media accounts or video channel. We don’t get any payments or commission fees on testing a product.

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Inkbird WiFi ITC-308 Digitale Temperatuurregelaar / Thermostat

We only promote the product we use ourself. The inkbird thermostat is one of the best temperature contollers out there in the homebrew market. The WiFi function connects the thermostat to your smartphone wich allows you to control fermentation temperatures anytime, anywhere!

Soon you can read more on this product in our upcoming blogpost! If you would like to control your fermentation you should definately buy this product.

inbird wifi thermostat

The I-Tap counter pressure bottlefiller

The Boel company developed the I-Tap counter pressure bottle fillers for homebrewers. And we got the chance to test it! Using a counter pressure bottle filler is beneficial because it elimates exposure to oxigen wich helps to prevent off flavours in your favorite brew.

The I-tap is a strong and easy to use product. But you have to be a bit creative on mounting the device, we wanted to mount it on our keezer that didn’t fit so we came up with the idea of using an old bottle capper. The products comes with a simple manual but you do need to figure out how you are going to handle your linings. The CO2 in-out and the beer-in lines. We have splitted the CO2 using duotight fittings so we only need one bottle of CO2. You can read all about this product and our experience in our blog!

Itap three brewing brothers

After researching and almost buying the famous stainless steel Unitanks we decided to gain some experience with pressurized fermentation and a different climate control system first. We found the Fermzilla’s and after some research we decided to go for it. It’s been quite a ride to get these Fermzilla´s ready for fermentation. So don’t underestimate it when you are thinking of buying a Fermzilla.

We bought two of the 55L Fermzilla conical unitanks from Kegland at Brouwland. They offer Fermzilla fermenters with different capacities and options. The reason we wanted to use these 55L Fermzilla´s is because we want to be able to do pressurized fermentations in the future. Instead of buying an expensive stainless steel unitank we found these were a more affordable option and definitely worth the try to get the hang of it! Would you like to know how to use use the Fermzilla conical Unitank!

You can find more information about the fermzilla unitanks by reading our blog here! Or by clicking the following links to visit the fermzilla dealers such as: KegLand (AU) and Brouwland (NL/BE)

fermzilla unitank review

The Floaty Hydrometer

The hydrometer is an essential tool to homebrewers tracking their fermentation. We got our hands on the ‘Floaty hydrometer’ by the luck of winning an online give-away on Instragram @Floaty. So we are happy enough to make a product review and let you guys know what we think of it! The Floaty is a small device you can drop into the fermentation tank, it allows you to ‘live-stream’ the fermentation proces of your beer. For us this is very helpfull because we are not living next to our brewery location.

Read our blogpost on the floaty hydrometer here, watch our video-review on our YouTube channel. You can find more information about the product and and the owner here!

Floaty Hydrometer