Porter challenge: The Results!

Homebrew Challenge: The results of our English Porter! D-DAY! In Februari we brewed our english porter and we accepted to attend to this homebrewers competition/challenge. At the first of April 2021 the moment was finally there! The goal of this challenge is brewing the best Porter we can! There were 18 other homebrewers that accepted this challenge and brewed a porter batch that will be judged. For us this was the first competition in (home)brewing we have [...]

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How to climate control fermentation for homebrewers

A Step-by-Step Guide To Climate Controlled Fermentation For Homebrewers Firstly, the most important part of brewing is about fermentation. Yeast is vulnerable for rapid temperature changes and can get stressed easily. Therefore, understanding your yeast is key to brewing great craftbeers at home. Follow this stepy by step guide to set up your climate controlled fermentation setup. In this blog you will find all the products you need for setting up your own climate controlled fermentation system at [...]


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